Nov 012013

Along its length, Lorimer St, Fishermens Bend, is poorly served with inconsistent, part-time, stop-and-start bike lanes and shared footpaths.  Lorimer St leads to an area earmarked for intensive residential development and incorporation into the Capital City Zone, so let's hope that a quality bicycle route will link it to the City in future. At the moment it is a shambles.  There is also a nearby recreational cycling route along the Yarra River – one of the problems with this is the lack of connections between the two routes – once on the river path it's difficult to access a particular point on Lorimer Street.

The shared footpath becomes unsuitable for bikes at this point.  Actually it's unsuitable to begin with.



But there is an onroad path in the same area as well as two lanes for motor vehicles.


but another few meters along, the onroad lane disappears and a shared footpath starts.


In the other direction, the bike lane disappears into the car parking:


But only for 22 hours a day:

We haven't been to see how well observed the clearway is, but chances are you would be dodging illegally parked vehicles if you tried to use the part-time "bike lane".


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