Nov 162020

Late released agenda items for Tuesday night’s council meeting include proposals from staff to make parking free and unlimited in the City to “encourage visitation”.  You can make a submission via  Submissions must be made before 10:00AM Tuesday 17th November 2020. Agenda item 6.3, recommendation 16.3.

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Oct 102020

At these elections there are two tickets with an outstanding track record of supporting and achieving outcomes for bikes.  These are The Greens and Team Sally Capp. Here we present what we know about the candidates in relation to getting more people riding bikes.

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Jun 012020

The Amy Gillett Foundation released its big coronavirus related campaign to get more bike lanes built in Australia yesterday. A lot of businesses signed on to the campaign, which shows just how many hard-working people support the foundation and its mission. But the AGF is starved of cash, undemocratic, and is now duplicating others’ work. It’s time for the foundation to close down and for its members to work with the rest of the cycling community towards its laudable goals.

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May 062020

There’s been a lot of talk on Facebook and Twitter about a new protected intersection currently being installed on Albert Street in East Melbourne. The protected intersection was funded through the $100m TAC Safer Cycling and Pedestrian fund, promised by the Andrews government before the 2014 election. Many of the projects on the list have been delayed significantly, and there is concern some of the money has been diverted to non-cycling related projects, so it’s fantastic to see something finally being built!

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May 022019

Belated upate 27/11/2019. On May 19th 2019, Cr Leppert moved “That the Future Melbourne Committee notes the outcome of the study and recommends that Council endorses installation of continuous protected full time bicycle lanes in Exhibition Street in its adoption of the 2019-20 budget.” In priniple there should be no unprotected sections, and the City’s current policy is to run protection up to the stop line, no more skinny lanes at the intersection. The project requires no further Council approval.

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