Dec 122022

January 2023, some detours, changes to road layout

Scheduled to commence on Thursday 5 January 2023, planned to complete Thursday 16th March. Works between 8pm and 5am on the tram separators (except Friday and Saturday nights), day works between 7am to 4pm on the bike lane separator islands (and weekends if required). The works will involve modifications to the existing bike lane separator islands. Instead of continuous islands, there will be isolated separators similar to recently installed parking protected bike lanes e.g. William St, Peel Street. Bike lane width will be maintained but buffer space for car pax to exit will be narrower. This is to accommodate the extra lane width for cars needed because of separators to be installed alongside tram tracks.

Where parking is removed, City of Melbourne will add 300mm ORCA kerbs between the bike lane and traffic lanes.

Detours between Victoria and Queensberry, cars are detoured, bikes remain on Swanston St.
North of Queensberry, signed detours will use Bouverie (northbound) and Cardigan St (southbound). Thanks to Yarra Trams for consulting on these detours and implementing our suggestions.

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  3 Responses to “Swanston St tram works”

  1. Work has commenced. Should be placing all residents who live in apartments along Swanston Street free hotel accommodation while they work at night absolutely ridiculous. The noise keeps everyone up 😡

  2. So if I am understanding this correctly, we are removing high quality physical separators for vulnerable road users while improving physical separation for people protected by a giant metal box.

    • Correct. The car lane will be widened because drivers can’t cope with being close to a hard barrier.
      As always, bikes get squeezed out to meet the needs of every other form of transport.

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