Nov 242013

While we are enjoying the new inbound lane on Princes Bridge, and the somewhat flawed outbound kerbside lane south of the bridge, the remainder of this project, budgeted for in last year’s council budget remains to be completed.

Currently when riding outbound over Princes Bridge, you have a choice of the ridiculously narrow “lane” with cars passing a few centimetres away, or using the “separated footpath”

Here’s the footpath on a recent Saturday afternoon:


The final part of this overdue project needs to be completed as soon as possible.  The City of Melbourne councillors decided to wait for the trial of the inbound lane to be completed before proceeding.  That trial was a complete success and Council voted unanimously to make it permanent. Vicroads approved all parts of the project earlier this year, there are no obstacles to completing the project immediately.

By the way, here’s what is wrong with the kerbside lane running outbound beyond the bridge:


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