Mar 062012

Ah, the Spring St bike lane. We really should do you a photo journey. The lane disappears and reappears continually on both sides.

This particular bit of it, from Victoria St to Bourke St, requires you to ride next to the doors of parked cars in order to avoid fast-moving traffic.

Just before you reach Bourke St, it disappears, leaving you the difficult task of moving forward while looking over your shoulder and trying to merge with traffic that’s moving much faster than you.

Fix it, please.

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  1. Although I should point out that arguably most of the cycling-related problems on Spring St are inside a particular building somewhat further down the street 🙂



    • Melbourne BUG agrees, but currently the City of Melbourne has no plans to link La Trobe St and Albert St, nor are there any plans to extend Albert St through to Spring St.

      That is not to say Council doesn't want it, and it should come into the works programme in the next few years – we will be advocating for this to happen.  Our suggestion is to use Spring St from Lonsdale to La Trobe, and extend Albert St to Spring St.  Note that the bus route is moving from that block of Albert St and will use Spring St from Victoria to Lonsdale instead. This should allow the Albert St lanes to be completed but does not prevent a good quality bike lane in that block of Spring St.

      Feel free to write to Council supporting the linking of these two routes.

  2. I gather work is starting on a Latrobe St dedicated cycle path next year.  Part that should surely be to safely link it to the Albert cycle path (which itself isn't really complete), and would probably need to go through Spring St.  Does anybody know if this is the plan?


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