Feb 272012

Grattan St links important bike routes:

  • Flemington Rd
  • Royal Pde
  • Swanston St
  • Rathdowne St
  • Carlton Gardens to Nicholson and Gertrude Streets

But it looks like this:

Grattan St

Grattan St at Melbourne University

Until Vicroads learns how to build roundabouts that can be traversed by bicycle, escaping from the Haymarket (roundabout of death) will be necessary – Grattan St is a Haymarket bypass.
As you can see from the above photograph, there is plenty of space available. Melbourne BUG recommends kerbside, separated lanes, with parking on the right of bikes and one traffic lane. If necessary the parking lane can be a peak-hour clearway.

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  1. Agree! Have had lots of scary incidents trying to get between Flem Rd and Rathdowne St. Buses, trucks and cars coming in and out of parking spots leave cyclists vulnerable – particularly in peak hour. There is a shared pavement here but it’s also pretty dysfunctional, and due to heavy foot traffic should be left to pedestrians.

    I think right outside the city’s largest uni campus should be a pretty logical place to put a bike lane!

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