Mar 142012

Another road of disappearing bike lanes, Peel St is a major access road into the Central Business District.  Here we present a video of the evening peak with our comments.

Note that Peel St is the extension of William St, and is part of the Principal Bike Network, i.e. roads that the State Government considers should have bike lanes. William St was listed in the last Victorian Cycling Strategy to get permanent bike lanes (as opposed to clearway lanes that are in part of William Street now).  The BUG is hopeful that the City of Melbourne will move on William St lanes in the near future.

From Latrobe St heading north, William St has bike lanes which disappear at the difficult and dangerous roundable at Dudley St. Alongside the Victoria Market there are no bike lanes, but motor vehicles have one lane for parking and two lanes for traffic, with bikes marginalised in the dangerous door zone of the parked cars.

Bike lanes reappear north of Victoria St.

We ask the State Government to implement the PBN along Peel St to close this gap. Also the roundabout at Dudley St is dangerous for bicycles and should be abolished, replaced by traffic lights.

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Peel%20St%20disappearing%20bike%20lanes” height=”315″ autohide=”1″ fs=”1″]

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  1. I think there’s a much better potential solution, that bypasses the Peel Street/Dudley Street roundabout, maintains height along the ridge and keeps riders away from the Haymarket death zone.

    A dedicated bike lane continuing north along the old tram tracks on William Street, crossing Dudley Street at the pre-existing traffic lights then continuing north along William Street and onto Howard Street.

    That’s the way I go.

    • Good thought. Changes to the kerbing are needed at the northern (cul-de-sac) end of the William St tram stop – I assume you are currently using the footpath? Another problem is the lights are offset from the William/Howard alignment – what do you think is the best way to handle that?

      Some Peel St riders are heading up Royal Parade, so we still need to fix Peel Street.

      I have used Howard St myself, and it could do with quite some improvement at either end, the intersections are pretty much a car free-for-all, don’t you think?

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