Oct 082018

The glossy documents claim that “Fishermans Bend [will be] an exceptional place to cycle”. However the proposed network relies on eight new bridges which are unfunded.  See Fishermens Bend Framework (PDF). These bridges will also have uphill grades to climb.

On road cycle lanes are not physically separated from motor traffic which will deter most people from using a bicycle. For example Lorimer St is listed as an “existing on-road cycling path.” As an example of the level of service for bicycles it is poor and only a few percent of the population will choose to cycle at this level of provision. Segregation on Lorimer Street was proposed by Melbourne BUG but has been rejected.

Nothing is proposed to prevent rat-running on the street grid.

As usual with Government “strategies” the hype is never matched by action, we expect Fishermens Bend to be no exception. Today’s (8/10/2018) announcement from Richard Wynne, minister for planning, comes days after his government deleted the protected bike lane promised for the massive expansion of the Swan St/Hoddle St intersection, in his electorate.

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