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The regional rail link project needs to close the Maribyrnong River trail (see maribyrnongregional.pdf for details) between 7/1/2013 and 30/4/2013.  They are providing a temporary bridge across the river and recommend using the eastern side of the river, then Dynon Road or Footscray Rd bridge.

While the temporary bridge sounds like excellent service, their advice to use Dynon Rd or Footscray Rd to regain the western bank is hard to understand.  We wrote to them in these terms:

Putting in a temporary bridge is excellent service, thank you.  However, we are wondering how to follow your instructions and use the Dynon Road bridge?  Are you putting in a temporary ramp from the eastern river path up to Dynon Road?  The river paths on both sides of Dynon road are at a different level and do not connect to Dynon Road, contrary to what your map seems to imply.

The problems at Footscray Rd are somewhat less, because there is a connection on the west bank between Napier St and the river path.  But on the eastern side the only way is to use Sims St, which could be hazardous.

It would be a tragedy if e.g. a family group thinking they can ride off-road to the City were to be flattened by a truck on Dynon Rd or Sims St.

If you know the area, can you comment on this, and let us know what you think?

update 2/1/2013, reply received from RRL:

In response to your enquiry, please note that the project is not installing a temporary ramp from the shared use path on the eastern side of the river up to Dynon Road. Cyclists will be able to use access points at both Dynon Rd and Footscray Rd to cross from the western path to the eastern path, while pedestrians would be advised to use the footpath at Footscray Rd, should they choose to cross the river. Pedestrians and cyclists should continue to exercise all caution while on the shared use path and at the suggested diversion points, as they would at all times when using public thoroughfares and designated paths.

Can anyone comment on these "access points" at Dynon Rd?  Footscray road is possible to access on both sides, although on the East side this involves using a truck road. Dynon Rd to our knowledge has no "access points". Please comment and correct us if we are wrong on this!

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