What’s it all about?


We are everyday cyclists. We care about cycle safety. And we think it’s time to get a bit pushie.

What we don’t want: roads only for cars. Roads so unforgiving that small errors have catastrophic consequences.

What we do want: safe bike lanes. More of them. And respect.

Greens MP Greg Barber has introduced a bill to increase the penalty for dooring to the same as running a red light (more info right here). This is a good first step to raise awareness, and we are asking politicians to support it.

Making bike lanes safe will need good design and good maintenance.  It will need safe speed limits. And it will need commitment  to build a network of safe and consistent routes for cyclists across our city.  We need the Victorian Government to commit to being a true leader in safe cycling infrastructure.

I agree! What can I do? 

Join us! Ride your bike to Gordon Reserve* to support the dooring bill and call for:

1. More safe bike lanes
2. A culture of respect on the roads

When: Wednesday 29 February (Leap Day), 12.45pm for a 1.00pm start.

Where: Gordon Reserve, the small grass triangle on Spring St just south of Parliament House, near the corner of little Collins St. You know the one with park benches arranged in a circle around a fountain?

Bring a friend!

What else can I do? 

1) Contact your local upper house MPs to tell them you support the bill and want to see tougher penalties for drivers. Ask for more safe bike lanes while you’re at it! If you can’t figure out who your local member is, just email premier ted.baillieu@parliament.vic.gov.au.

2) Write a letter to the editor (here for The Age, here for the Herald Sun)

3) Talk to your friends about it! Talk to the twitters about it! Facebook it!

  2 Responses to “What’s it all about?”

  1. Wow. It doesn’t really look that small to begin with, but I see your point. I’ve aawyls casually biked around DC, but never really commuted until very recently. Dooring wasn’t a big fright for me since I was typically going at off-peak hours, but it’s *frightening* at rush hour. Also annoying: people who open their doors and just leave them open for 30+ seconds while they climb out of the car. DC/Arlington has narrower bike lanes, and one door can cut all the way through them.

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