May 112012

The City of Melbourne has published its draft budget for 2012/13. It includes a substantial increase in funding for bicycle projects: at $5.6M it’s about 4 times larger than last year. Thanks particularly to councillor Cathy Oke for piloting this budget increase and to all the councillors for supporting it.

The money will be spent on some significant projects including La Trobe St bike lanes, Elizabeth St (Victoria to Haymarket), a proper lane (although only in one direction) over Princes Bridge, bringing the Cecil Street lanes through up to Clarendon Street, and peak hour bike lanes in Exhibition St (these will connect the Yarra trail, via the shared path over the toll bridge, up Exhibition to join the new La Trobe St lanes). More detail is yet to be obtained on these projects, so watch this space.

The City’s press release is at

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