Apr 302012

Media: Melbourne Weekly
Date: 30th April 2012
Headline: Chapel St: Bike lobby driving to ban cars
Link: http://www.melbourneweekly.com.au/news/local/news/general/chapel-st-bike-lobby-driving-to-ban-cars/2538919.aspx
Journalist: Nicole Haddow

Bicycle Network Victoria spokesperson Garry Brennan was quoted as saying through traffic should be diverted out of Chapel St, not exactly what the more sensationalist “ban cars” of the headline, but apart from that small criticism, the article has a welcome focus on the dangers caused to cyclists by motor vehicles.  However even the local MP, Clem Newton-Brown appears to be responding to a “closure” proposal, not the “diversion” proposal of Bicycle Network Victoria. Is this a straw man argument to discredit the proposal?

Removing through traffic would be a good start, congratulations to BNV for suggesting it.  Removing most parking would help a lot too and allow for wider footpaths.  Then the only vehicles needing to enter would be deliveries, during restricted hours, leaving Chapel St a very attractive place for the large number of people walking, riding and tramming it.

On the BIV website, it is pointed out that Chapel Street could be part of a longer north-south route going all the way to to Clifton Hill.

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