Feb 152012

Can't see a safe way into the city? Join us and 'get pushy'!

We’ve heard again and again from non-cycling friends who live south of the yarra.  They want to ride to work too.  But they can’t see a safe way into the city.  It’s time to get pushy – Melbourne needs a network of safe bike lanes across the city, and in all directions!


  One Response to “Riding from Melbourne’s south? Get pushy!”

  1. I ride from the south and an amused about the seperated bike path next to sth melb market, it goes nowhere just stops, in a side street that cars use to avoid the intersection of clarendon st and city rd. I am not amused that there is no bike lane to cross kings way from sturt st /dorcas street. The bike lane in Dorcas street just ends near Ferrars st .I would like some info on a suitable camera to video my rides. I also have a cargobike – christiannia, and it is wide 85cm so I need wide bike paths and bollard openings.

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