Feb 282012

Motorists should get on their bike and see what it’s like for cyclists, Transport Minister Terry Mulder said recently. Mulder admitted that he’s not a cyclist himself.

Mulder’s supportive comments did not go unnoticed by cyclists. It’s true that the roads look different from a bike. For example, what seems like a safe passing distance to a driver doesn’t always seem safe to a cyclist. And when cyclists refuse to ride within narrow painted bike lines painted next to parked cars, and instead ride to the right of them, it’s not because they’re trying to hold up traffic, it’s because they’re trying to avoid getting clobbered by a car door!

That’s why we’re inviting Mulder to follow through with his comment, and come for a ride with the Melbourne Bicycle Users Group. We promise to make it fun and enjoyable. And experiencing the roads from a bike will help him understand what works and what doesn’t.

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